Introducing me here. Student computer science, female, 19 years old, pretty experienced with computers and software development. Why I'm that experienced already? Simple. My dad is a freelance software developer and he has been quite succesful at this too. I grew up around computers and when I started to show some interest in them, my dad thought it would be fun to teach me some stuff about it all. As a result I have quite a bit of practical knowledge and all I have to work on now is the boring theoretical stuff behind it all.
My preferred operating system is Windows (XP) although I have a bit of experience with Linux and FreeBSD. (Not much, though.) My preferred programming language is Borland Delphi but I also 'speak' C++, C# and (ewwww) VB. Done a bit with webdevelopment too, am familiar with HTML, XML, XSLT and for web development my preferred environment is a Windows 2003 server with ASP.NET running on it, combined with Delphi for .NET to make a smooth page.

My latest plaything is a HP iPaq PDA for which I'm trying to develop some stuff by using the .NET Compact Framework. Need to use c# for that, though, which fortunately was included with Delphi 2005.

My social life? Together with a few other female friends we're renting a pretty large house with plenty of rooms for us all. Guys are not allowed inside, until they are either relatives or people who have to fix something, like the toilet or central heating system. As a result, it tends to be quite a lot of fun by just being at home, which is also less expensive as going out every friday and saturday evening. For the price of a glass of cola in the local bars you can but a whole bottle at the supermarkets here so as you can imagine, we have plenty of parties at home.

About my personal life... I happen to have a long relation ever since I was 12 and this is a very serious relation too. So don't bother flirting with me, I'm not interested.