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Thread: Windoze Freeze

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    Windoze Freeze

    Well, this is probably really lame but I am curious. I use winxp. Okay so i was on the sdf lonestar shell through telnet tryna register bt as soon as my registration got completed, the window just froze. now maybe ur thinking, this guy is a gonner. he's using windoze and is complaining about applications hanging. But the thing is even though windoze freezes every now and then, this thing was a little odd. Every other application was running smoothly. another telnet window was working very fine. my MUD client was totally okay. it was just that one telnet window. and the thing that got me curious is that even though most windows that freeze can be terminated using the windoze task manager, nothing could get rid of this one. windoze wouldnt logoff or restart or shutdown. so there was no goddamned way to turn this thing off but to cutoff the power supply. well this has never happened to me before. so any one got any idea what could have been goin on?

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    Well what happens when you try and kill the instance?

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    You say other applications were running OK? I presume that your screen keyboard and mouse were as well?

    That tells me that Windows had not frozen somehow your second telnet session crashed in a state such that Windows couldn't close it. Obviously, Windows itself will not shut down unless it can force the application to do so.

    As I recall this sort of thing would happen reasonably frequently on Windows Millenium boxes with low resources. I have also seen it with Win95/98/98SE/2000 and XP, but it is rare.

    I do not think that this is a resource issue or a deadly embrace as they would tend to freeze the whole machine.

    You might take a look in yout XP logs, but I doubt if you will find anything.

    What was the status of the job when you looked in task manager..........was it using any resources?

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