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Thread: Internet Security Question

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    Internet Security Question

    Is there a benefit to getting track eraser and anonymous surfing internet security software like GhostSurf Platinum ? Is it really worth the money and do they provide adequate protection?

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    One of the obvious questions would be why you would neccesitate such a product.

    It's something I ask myself when I look to purchase any piece of software. "What solution is this product solving?"

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    It depends what kind of protection you want. If you jut want to remove the history of your web useage on your computer then they probably work quite well. I have never used Ghostsurf myself, but it does look quite good with the malware blocking. Only thing I would worry about is if it would class things as malware that I disagreed with and removed them on it's own. But If you want to hide your internet useage to the point where nobody can see it then forget it. Law enforcement agencies can find who you are from server logs and IP addresses. Other people though will probably have far more difficulty in finding you, if they can at all.
    Hope this helps you to decide.
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    Microsofts antispyware has the same features. It's never a bad thing to remove internet history, registry entries, and what not. Just remember that no client software will remove server logs.

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    i have no reason to have my data deleted to DoD standards (which BTW can still be retrived but not by the average user) there are plenty of batch files (2 i know of on AO) that can clean all you info I.E. cache, cookies, history etc and they're free.

    spybot s&d will protect you from adware and spyware and it's free

    i dont care if the sites i visit record my ip addy...its their cookies and adware i care about. your ISP still records your web usage even if your set to use an external proxie. internal proxies use and show the same ip address you would.

    if your just an average user with nothing to hide (that cant just be deleted) i dont think it's worth the money. even if your a criminal there are better ways to accomplish this. and whos to say it can do what what they say it can anyway
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