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Thread: browser security

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    browser security

    Hi all,

    Can anyone tell me which browser is best in terms of security?
    Is Firefox better than IE?

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    Sigh, here we go again......

    (you would think a person with 140 post under his/her belt knows what kind of a mess this question makes)

    IT ALL DEPENDS ON THE USER. That said my vote goes to firefox for (now) less security holes.

    (there or other reasons but they have no relevance to this topic)
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    I find that much of the web based scripts are written for IE. I use FireFox for a majority of my web browsing, but every so often I am stuck using IE for that site that won't accept anything else. So, I guess your stuck using both, it just depends on which one you like to use for the majority of your surfing.

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    I prefer FireFox as i have heard about the security risks using IE. However, this may help decide which browser to use.

    If you choose eventually to use FireFox, you can download an extention called IE View. As I am at a dodgy uni, that didnt program our "connect" site properly, it doesnt let you use FIrefox, all you have to do is right-click and click on view in IE.

    Very handy!

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