Hi ppl! hows things? wife fine and all?
Herīs the thing iv been trying to solve..not done yet so here iam.

I have good experience with html, but not with CSS..and to create something really tiddy and clean CSS is the best choise (also allows a more fast way to change the site layout..easy to find code etc), my problem is this:

Im creating a website that basicly uses standard tables etc..i just use Div tags with css for some text here and there..nothing fancy, cause i dont know "jack" about it, but i really..i mean REALLY whanted to create it all via CSS..the layout, so the code appears clean and tiddy at the looks of google for ex

Here is an example of what i whanted..

<table align="center" bgcolor="#415497" width="760" CELLPADDING="0" CELLSPACING="0" BORDER="0">
<tr bgcolor="#415497">
<td colspan="5"><img src="blablabla.gif" height="4" width="760" alt=""></td>
<td valign="top" width="172"><img src="blablabla.gif" border="0" height="64" width="760"></td>


This is how it starts after the body tag..now, how can i do that via CSS for ex? and basicly do the same fo the rest of all tables..

Thanx ppl!

Cheers to u all!