This isn't my specialty and we are looking at working with some fiber in the very near future.

Heres the deal.

Our main office is to far out from any CO or cable company to get any form of High Speed internet. We have satellite, but it sucks.

Recently the telephone company has expanded their DSL range to where it now reaches the CEO's house. His house is approximately 4-5 miles from the main office.

Our thinking is running our own Fiber from his house to the main office.

The cable is going to cost us about $10,000, but before we commit to this much I want to make sure my idea is going to work and what we might need.

I'm thinking we'll have 2 DSL lines at the CEO's house. One for his personal connection, and the other one for the office.

The DSL for the office will run into the DSL modem then run into some sort of converter from there to convert it into a signal to run on the fiber lines. It would then travel the four miles to the office where it would hit another converter to convert it back to a ethernet signal.

This way the the office will be able to get out on a DSL connection.

Now what equipment do you guys think would be needed for this project?

I've done some research and I'm pretty sure I'll need single mode Fiber.

Our current equipment is a Symantec Gateway, Cisco 2950 Switch (standard. Can't accept Fiber) and a few smaller switches.

what I'm wondering about mainly is like what kind of converters or routers do we need, and will what I'm talking about work?

Any advice or products I should look into would would be appreciated as I've never dealt with Fiber before.