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Thread: US troops ordered to avoid London

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    US troops ordered to avoid London

    Thousands of US military personnel based in the UK have been banned by commanders from travelling to London in the wake of Thursday's bomb attacks.

    Personnel, most of them from US Air Force units at RAF Mildenhall and RAF Lakenheath, in Suffolk, have been told not to go within the M25 motorway.

    Family members who are from the US are also being urged to stay away.

    Hmmm, if it's so dangerous why was the Queen able to drive slowly through London at the weekend in an opentop car?

    In this difficult hour, the people of Great Britain can know the American people stand with you -
    US president George W Bush
    Just not too close eh George?

    GWB needed an armoured escored to get from the airport to the palace last week. He wanted the roads closed too but the Met told him to piss off.

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    The ban has been lifted.

    Bit of a PR faux pas I think.


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    "Oversexed, over here"?????????????????????

    Just a thought?

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    I remember being called to see the Head honcho in Brunei the day Marcos was booted from power in Manila. I had booked a flight there for the next day. He offered some advice, "bit of a problem in the Philapines, berhaps you would like to consider your holiday there"

    Nothing like a bit of over re-action is there.......................Manila was great by the way, a tat exiting at times
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    American military commanders are known to over react. Must be bored, they have to sensationalize something while setting up there at Mindenhall. Take a trip to Pentney Abbey and have a drink. Apalling stupid reaction.
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