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Thread: Want a job ... hack Microsoft

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    Want a job ... hack Microsoft

    Microsoft's hacker says he deserves a job in Redmond

    Apocalypse now

    By Nick Farrell: Monday 11 July 2005, 21:34
    THE HACKER who turned over Microsoftís UK website last week has written to the INQ suggesting the Vole should hire him and his mate Rafa.

    The hacker, who goes by the handle of Apocalypse, said that he just wanted to show to Microsoft that any server or any company is vulnerable.

    "As long people build something, somebody else is two steps ahead," he said.

    Apocalypse also implied that if he had the new X-Box 360 with a lot games he would not have done it.

    "Remember I donít damage or erase or destroy anything just post a message of support of my friend RaFa. They are charging him with things he didn't do and thatís why I piss up," he said.

    We think he knows what he means.

    He added: "If Microsoft can give me job and my friend RaFa we can made sure it will never happen again."
    How old is this "hacker" ... 13 ... "Give me a job I hacked your website" ... did he read to much comics or did he play too much with his X-Box... Mr. Apocalypse in his pants...[/rant]

    Anywho I didn't know where to put this ... under the news section or the humor section ... you folks decide

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    Next time before I go for a job interview, I'm going to deface their website and during the interview get them to bring up their site. Yeah, that'll get me hired

    I agree, this kid has no clue how the world works. In one statement he says that "that any server or any company is vulnerable", and then in the next says , "we can made sure it will never happen again". Kid, go back to english class and look up the definition for contradiciton.

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    This concept seems to be a very big misconception within the hacker community. Granted, a lot these kids who try this approach really do have some technical skills... they just don't understand that no serious company will be impressed by criminal activity; they will simply press charges instead. There are always stories (though few are ever proven) about "yeah, i knew this dude. he was 1337 and had so much uber-micro that he broke into the FBI networks... then they hired him as secret agent hacker" type of story. People need to realize that the corporate world DOES NOT WORK THIS WAY. They might impress their hacker buddies, but no one wants to hire a criminal. Just that simple.

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    Tats kindda like saying hey I burnt down McDonalds now hire me so I wont do it again.

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    I think someone watched "Catch me if you can" too many times.

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    Well, If I was in charge of running the site that was hacked, I may pull this guy into my office simply to have a discussion of what he did, and how he entered. Alot of times in programming production, this kind of penetration testing can not be simply "bought".

    Now don't get me wrong, I would press charges still, but if say, a whitepaper of his entire process of the intrusion were handed over, with possible fixes, then I may drop a few of the charges. But by no means would I hire someone that has already shown themselves to break the law. Companies spend countless money setting up firewalls to prevent people like this from entering their networks. With that in mind, what makes this guy think I would place him anywhere near the internal network.

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    agreed to all so far but i do wanna bring to mind what happened with the ultra HLE project (HLE stands for (High Level Emulator) it was a project to try to emulate the nintendo 64
    the orginal programmer was really good but in this case he "did nothing wrong" save the DCMA
    anyway to stop him nintendo hired him
    he could no longer work on the project because he had to sign a disclosure if my memory serves me it was picked up by someone else

    My point is make them look bad by building something better not breaking it. (you can break anything) imho

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    RaFa and Apcolypse are actually well known web page defacers. if these guys are the real ones then they are actually pretty good at what they did. Granted RaFa has a big mouth and likes to shoot it off and brag about what he does, its no wonder they are trying to nail him for ****. But still, if these are the real guys then they are fairly good at what they do, but I still wouldnt hire either of them.
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    Good as they may be, one has to ask himself whether he can clear-minded trust someone known to be a defacer with any kind of company information or network access.
    There's a strong possibility that "the dark side" will eventually catch up and one day you'll find urself questioning if he has backdoored or piggybacked anything... on the other hand, hiring crackers has been a policy some companies use to check their products for vulns. My country reacently hired a couple of ppl to attack their online lotary system, but still you are never 100% hack proof (big-ego admins, laizy physical security policies, bad patching, unsecure functions and so on...).

    I think someone watched "Catch me if you can" too many times.
    is the right comment. You can even hire someone to make a sporadic attempt to hack ur site/proggie/what ever, but a PERMANENT job putting security on the hands of ppl u know have breached security before? nah... i don't think so.

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    I think they did illustrate a good point though, that just about everybody is pretty vulnerable and that they should tighten their belts, a lot. As for hiring them, I dunno about that. I think if they know that much, making them jump through the hoops of getting a degree is stupid (especially if they can illustrate they have the ability in a legit manner such as a sample pen test or two box war game). Not to get to far off topic, but I think it is stupid to make people take get a degree if they already have the knowledge and can illustrate it, but that's just how I feel. Back to the topic, what if M$ is like we'll hire you, then arrested them when they came to work. ^_^

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