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Thread: Crooks are diversified...

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    Crooks are diversified...

    Yeah, this should make everyone feel much better. Take a look at the criminals involved. If these clowns can steal this much information, what about those who are actually functioning with IQs above 80?


    A search of the computer by U.S. Secret Service agents revealed 65,000 credit card numbers, he said.

    "About 14,000 of those were confirmed to be accurate credit card numbers," McClure said.


    Adams said many of the credit card numbers were traded by members of the ring in exchange for drugs, mainly methamphetamine.

    Said Moss, "This is a new trend we're seeing in the methamphetamine industry now -- they're diversifying."
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    hmm, those must be the ones that erase their tracks and only brake into systems they know are not very well monitored.
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    That is a surprising twist. After looking at the pictures, and reading the article, I wonder where those 65k CC#'s came from? They steal a DB? Perhaps they found a box of tapes that fell off of a UPS truck?

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    Perhaps they found a box of tapes that fell off of a UPS truck?

    Or perhaps they worked for UPS.

    The first look at those pictures of the hooligans and the names associated with them gave me a flashback to Adams Familiy.

    You indeed wonder what someone who knows what he is doing would accomplish if even this gang can get so far with stolen CC's.

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    I'm watching too many movies... I thought all criminals who have anything to do with creditcards and drugs look like brad pitt and johnny depp...
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    Investigators believe much of the financial and identity information was stolen from mailboxes and trash bins by crews of "runners." Authorities also think at least one business' list of customer credit card numbers was obtained, though they don't know where or how.
    all it would take is one speed freak with physical access to a hard copy of a customer list and a few people getting some crank in exchange for CC mail and there ya go...nothing hi-tech here.
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