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Thread: New Programming Language

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    New Programming Language

    Well...new to me anyways

    Apparently Java isn't the only programming language started by a Canadian...

    Charity programming language: Information From Answers.com

    was going to link to the main page but I thought you'd like to see the other links too.

    And there is a download on the site.

    They even have a version for Linux.


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    Hi Juridian,

    Aren't you a programmer?

    Actually, as a Charity Co-ordinator, I thought it was something specific to Charity...wasn't until I saw the link I realized it wasn't...I don't know any programming myself...lucky if I can get my VCR to work properly


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    Slashdot is for Nerds, Computer Programming is for Geeks. Life-absorbant RPG's are for people with way too much time on their hands. Remember than guy who died because he went on a 3-day StarCraft binge without sustainance or bathroom breaks?

    When this has a commercial application, I'll be sure and read up. Until then, I'm focused on getting a degree and a job. I'm tired of being broke all the time.

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