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Thread: PC v. Mac

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    PC v. Mac

    One of my friends thinks that a mac with OS X is better than a pc running windows. I like pcs better, but I just realized that I can't really give a reason. I looked on google but found only pro-mac stuff. Can someone please give me some reasons so I can justify my opinion?
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    Hi Jareds411,

    Having a debate over this is like the debate on browsers or Linux vs Windows or between different Windows releases (eg. Windows 2000 vs XP)...

    everyone's got an opinion,


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    This is like arguing over which religion in the world is better. NO ONE will EVER win the argument. EVER. Use the os you like. Let others use the OS they like.
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    You probably used a PC first, they probably used a Mac first.

    Use the os you like
    That is the only answer.
    Never ever ask that question again, anywhere.
    If anyone asks you the same question hit them then tell them XTC46's answer.

    Also never ask:

    What is the best Linux distro?
    Ferrari or Lambourghini?
    Coffee or Tea?
    Why is the meaning of life 42?
    Star trek or Star Wars?
    What does this button do?
    How do I hack hotmail?
    Alien or Predator?
    IE or Firefox?
    Real or fake? Can I feel them?

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    Although I have no great preference I would suggest the following, although they may not be as true as they used to be:

    1. PCs are generally cheaper, and give more "bang per buck"
    2. PCs are easier to maintain and upgrade, and have more interchangability.
    3. There is more variety of software for PCs..........particularly FREEWARE
    4. PC mice can be cooler than MAC ones ..........more wheels and buttons?

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    Pc 32 bit and has been for about 10 years..
    Mac.. 64 bit and has been for many years

    Pc.. cheap.. most os.. need a brain
    Mac.. any zombie can use (well I can.. )

    PC .. how many buttons on thge mouse..
    Mac.. only one button?

    pc.. look at all the software.
    mac.. f... the software costs WHAT

    Pc.. Dambed another Virus..(ok PC-MS )
    Mac.. oh ok if you insist I will install an AV..

    oh perpherial support.. PC..oh the range..Mac..hmm what range..

    must admitt.. if some one were to leave a dented and scratched working G5 Mac... in my driveway. I would not get mad at him.
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    must admitt.. if some one were to leave a dented and scratched working G5 Mac... in my driveway. I would not get mad at him.
    i'd be happy
    free gear
    linux would be on that box so fast...

    i have never used mac... the only one i own is a powerpc and it doesn't even run

    the way i see it

    windows is an addiction
    linux is a privledge
    mac is a passion
    work it harder, make it better, do it faster, makes us stronger

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