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Thread: The Complete Guide to Hacking Firefox

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    The Complete Guide to Hacking Firefox

    Apparently this book is suppose to contain all the tricks and more than a few surprises...

    Hacking Firefox by Mel Reyes (Order Here)

    never heard of the guy...but that's not surprising...there's alot of people I haven't heard of


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    I've got this one on my Safari Bookshelf. Haven't read it all the way through, but I've searched through it for tidbits. Seem's pretty good.

    Firefox Hacks
    By Nigel McFarlane
    Publisher: O'Reilly
    Pub Date: March 2005
    ISBN: 0-596-00928-3
    Pages: 398
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    I think I will look for a copy nearby .... I guess it will be as interesting as Google hacks ....

    Eg~ have you ever heard about a guy called Bell Gates ....
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