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    Originally posted here by J_K9
    I know.... Sorry for not making myself clear enough, yes the problem is when I'm tring to send email using SMTP.
    That's what I always thought, after all aren't incoming connection filtered by consumer grade firewalls (routers), but none of the outgoing ones are? Then why does POP3/IMAP work perfectly and SMTP doesn't? Shouldn't it be the opposite way round? Well, I'd like to be able to fix this problem, no matter what it is.

    I'm going to call Linksys up about my router (whose WLAN now doesn't work), so maybe I should ask them about why the SMTP doesn't work, while I'm there? Thanks again,

    Hey Hey,

    Have you checked with your ISP? Especially since it's a DSL line... A lot of bigger ISPs are filtering SMTP so that you must use your own port... A router wouldn't be blocking an outbound SMTP connection (not a home one anyways)... so the odds are your ISP will only allow you to connect to it's SMTP servers...

    If this is the case there is some mail software that will let you pick another mail server so that you can route everything through your ISPs mail servers...

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    That's a pretty good point...that's great! Thank you! I didn't think about it, but the email accounts are actually normal dialup ones, so maybe the ISP only allows someone connected to the internet through that dialup connection to access their email, but not other people. I'll ring them up, see what's going on Thank you so much! I'll report back in a few hours!

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    if you haven't called yet you can see if this is the case by using netcat or telnet to try and connect to your mail server and observing the response you get. as an example on an aol account i have every time i try to nc to my mail server i found myself connected to an aol proxy. you can find out if your being denyed or dropped...whatever
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    I thought that IMAP was a 'version' of SMTP in that it leaves a copy of the mail on the server, which would suit commercial users as you may need to logon to a different PC to check things, and with IMAP you would still be able to D/L your mail ?????
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    [quote[Internet Message Access Protocol, a protocol for retrieving e-mail messages. The latest version, IMAP4, is similar to POP3 but supports some additional features. For example, with IMAP4, you can search through your e-mail messages for keywords while the messages are still on the mail server.[/quote]Dunno...I got that from Google!

    I haven't tried telnetting to the SMTP server yet because the computer I'd like to access the emails is currently unable to access the interne - I had to reinstall the PCMCIA wireless card software and because I only have SP1, it isn't compatible with WPA-TKIP encryption! Called up Linksys, they're gonna send me the WPA utility via email.

    Thanks for all your help guys!

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