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Thread: Foundstone's 'WSDigger'

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    Foundstone's 'WSDigger'

    Hi all, a new cool foundstone tool has been released,

    WSDigger is a free open source tool designed by Foundstone to automate black-box web services security testing (also known as penetration testing). WSDigger is more than a tool, it is a web services testing framework. Version one of this framework contains sample attack plug-ins for SQL injection, cross site scripting and XPATH injection attacks. A web service vulnerable to XPATH injection is provided as an example with the tool. By releasing the framework as an open-source tool, users are encouraged to develop and share their own plug-ins.
    source: http://www.foundstone.com/index.htm?...c/wsdigger.htm

    for downloading the tool:


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    Why only in .NET flavour..

    well... I'll go find me a winxp box to test this app..
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