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Thread: Troublesome Coworker

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    Troublesome Coworker

    I work the IT department of a pretty good size company, and I work in the same area as our help desk guys... well we just hired on a new contractor, 6 months. His main job is supposed to be answering phone calls and passing them on to the 3 other guys that work the phones and physically go fix things.

    I can't even begin to think of where to start and try to explain this kid to you. He is younger, and stupid. I don't know how he passed the interview questions, someone had to prep him or he was using google. (eg: I was out on the floor troubleshooting some devices and wanted to see if an IP was available for me to use, I call him up and ask him to ping this, now as i ask i do the steps in my head of what should be happening... start>run>cmd>enter>ping xxx.xxx.xxx.xxx.... a minute later i hear an umm uhh so I ask well? hold on.... mmmkay not sure why then he answers, 2 minutes to ping something)

    Well this past week, his boss doesnt seem to care that this kid is an idiot, and he usually lets the phone ring 3 times before he answers it (the rest of us answer after or during the first ring) HIS SOUL JOB IS TO ANSWER THE PHONE.... well whatever, well the last 2 days he has been talking on the phone for like an hour at a time and searching for a new car.... well this infuriated me cause now im answering phone calls and crap..

    Time for some fun....

    I started my editing his hosts files so all the stupid websites hes spending time on either default to our blockpage or back to his computer... looking for more ideas here (we have websense so a lot of the fun sites are blocked anyway)

    Then I decided this wasnt enough I fired up command prompt and typed the following

    shutdown -s -m \\hispcname -t 01

    I hear him try to read it and boom his computer shutsdown... I hear him in astonishment trying to figure out what happened.

    For tomorrow I plan on disabling his port on the switch and making him tone it out to figure out why its not working then when he comes back (inevitably a few HOURS later) ill reactivate it walk over to his computer and act like hes retarded (ill do a ipconfig /release and renew)

    Now i am looking for any more NONdestructive ideas for what I can do to discourage this kid from screwing around since they wont can him

    ps: this is like a real life BOFH
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    Hi Spyrus,

    Sounds like a case of nepotism...or he's going out with the bosses daughter and he wants to make sure he's got a job


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    Can you get in trouble for that kind of stuff?

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    Please be careful my friend sounds like it might be the illegitimate brat of some senior exec...........you HAVE to have dug that dirt FIRST

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    If you happen to have somthing like "Timbuktu". Catch him working on a document and do some autocorrecting for him. He'll load up his shorts.

    he's going out with the bosses daughter
    Can you get in trouble for that kind of stuff?
    Only when you get her pregnant.

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    Laxative chocolate?

    Does anyone regualrly audit the Websense logs? Could you hint to them to check this guys browsing habit i.e. he spends 6 hours a day on FHM.com

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    change all shortcuts on his desktop or in start menu to point to 'shutdown -t 00'
    then watch as he tries ot figure out why everytime he attempts to start up a program his computer shuts down

    take a screenshot of his desktop and set it as the wallpaper, remove all icons and watch as he clicks again and again on an 'icon' which is actually just a picture on his desktop.

    go to an empty terminal and create a batch file with a never ending loop - using the net send command to constantly send him messages. See how long it takes him to track down which terminal messages are coming from.

    set all his windows sounds to short wavs from ripped from a porno (ohs, ahs etc) make sure volume is turned up really high on his speakers before he comes in.

    Set all his mouse pointers to a blank cursor graphic (will include one in zip for you) just go into control panel >> mouse >> pointers
    sit back and watch as he checks mouse connection to PC, changes mice, downloads new drivers for mouse, etc etc

    If you have any old wornout case fans lyign around office replace all fans in his computer with those - the noise should drive him mad

    If he uses Outlook/Thunderbird/other mail client create a batch file to delete his prefrences/local mail folder on every start up.

    just a few ideas for ya

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    or... you could just walk up to him and tell him that you think he's a flippin idiot.

    I know that would hurt if I ever heard that from one of my coworkers
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    have you tried talking to his boss about how you think he isn't experienced enough for the current job that he has?

    Have you tried talking to him about his shortcomings and /offered/ to help him correct them by teaching him? Have you thought about mentoring him? Maybe he needs guidance. It sounds like he landed a job that is a bit out of his league.

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    valhallen: you're just evil... now off to have some fun! lol
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