I'm working on a project, and I've hit a roadblock of sorts.

The language of choice here is PHP (4.4)

I have two classes, A and B. B extends A.

"A" has a method, let us call it "addFunc", that takes the names of functions (to be declared in the child) and adds them to an instance variable, funcList.

"B" is nothing but a collection of functions. In it's constructor, it calls addFunc(), passing it a bunch of function names. (e.g., addFunc("func1", "func2"...) )

"A" has another function which executes these functions by going:
call_user_func_array(array(&this, $func_name), $args);
Where $args is an array of arguments and $func_name is the string representation of a function from the funcList.

So take note, these functions are in the child...

I'm getting an error in there somewhere, and I have a feeling that may be it, but I'm not sure.