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    Home of the Underdogs

    http://www.google.com/search?hl=en&lr=&q=underdogs First link in the list...I used to go to this site pretty frequently and download the new stuff just to play with...they are games, afterall Site went down a while back and I quit going for a while, but now that I have gone back, a game that was previously shareware or was a corrupt download is now working, and it's one of the best games of all time, imo...

    Anyone remember Abe's Oddysey or Exodus for the PS 1?!? I do, I loved Oddysey, never got around to buying Exodus, but I just discovered you don't have to anymore, buy it, I mean...ir's free on the site, minus the FMV cutscenes....yeah yeah, some people play games just for the cutscenes, but this game is truly enjoyable without them...no ****, s'a great game.

    The site (HOTU) doesn't like direct linking to files, has strict rules on downloading, and even uses a yahoo-esque 5 character bot blocking verification for each file, so I can't give the link to the game directly, but it isn't difficult to find on the site....and if anyone is interested, pm me and I'll go back and find out which section I found it in....this game is seriously kewl, though...teh must havzorz....expecially since it's free now...
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    the best site for classic gamer...

    knew 'bout it for a long time ...

    some suggestions to look up ...

    original prince of persia
    hell: cyberpunk thriller

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