U.N. run the Internet?
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Thread: U.N. run the Internet?

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    U.N. run the Internet?

    An international political spat is brewing over whether the United Nations will seize control of the heart of the Internet.

    U.N. bureaucrats and telecommunications ministers from many less-developed nations claim the U.S. government has undue influence over how things run online. Now they want to be the ones in charge.

    While the formal proposal from a U.N. working group will be released July 18, it's already clear what it will contain. A preliminary summary of governmental views claims there's a "convergence of views" supporting a new organization to oversee crucial Internet functions, most likely under the aegis of the United Nations or the International Telecommunications Union.

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    how would the UN control it? share control with every nation in the UN? what about those nations not in the UN who want their piece? crazy!
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    UN couldn't organise a pissup in a brewery.

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    Isn't this outside the realm of why we created the UN?
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    The UN's indecision on this issue is exactly the reason why they shouldn't be in control... **** wouldn't get done, without a better way to say it... I think ICANN is doing just fine as is, and I really don't think the UN could do a better job.
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    So what will it be now, "The Bandwith for food scandal"?

    The UN is a Joke..............I repeat the UN is a joke..........not not even a good one.

    And Koffe Banana, or Coughing Anus or whtever his name is is a pathetic leader.

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    UN couldn't till now do anything within its realm of goals ... thus I don't think that they will do something good .... they are just trying to find something else to make thier employees busy ... that's it ...
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    The UN should stick with what it's best at...and the UNESCO is their one and only saving grace.

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    Originally posted here by The Texan
    how would the UN control it? share control with every nation in the UN? what about those nations not in the UN who want their piece? crazy!

    It's not like UN is Planning to Sit with a Stick and watch every Bit Pass by .......

    The Current Spat is over the Control of Internet Corporation for Assigned Names and Numbers (ICANN) ....... Rest most of the Technoligical Organistions already work as Tech. Forums rather than taking orders form a Particular Country.

    After the Current UN's World Summit on the Information Society (WSIS) failed to reach an Agreement over the Future of Internet ...... it has set up a Working Group on Internet Governance (WGIG) .

    WGIG has issued its report about net governance and has tabled four possible futures for what should be done about policy issues, such as spam , hi-tech crime , Mobile Phones Communications etc.

    • Option One - create a UN body known as the Global Internet Council that draws its members from governments and "other stakeholders" and takes over the US oversight role of Icann.
    • Option Two - no changes apart from strengthening Icann's Governmental Advisory Committee to become a forum for official debate on net issues.
    • Option Three - relegate Icann to a narrow technical role and set up an International Internet Council that sits outside the UN. US loses oversight of Icann.
    • Option Four - create three new bodies. One to take over from Icann and look after the net's addressing system. One to be a debating chamber for governments, businesses and the public; and one to co-ordinate work on "internet-related public policy issues".

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    U.N. bureaucrats and telecommunications ministers from many less-developed nations claim the U.S. government has undue influence over how things run online
    The US has thermonuclear weapons............they don't. Anyway the UN has been becoming progressively obsolete since the Korean War.

    I am a firm believer in the old saying that "if it isn't broken, don't try to repair it"................right now I don't see anything broken.

    What I find ironic is that we have totally irrelevant nations squeaking about democratic principles............principles that they are incapable of applying to their own citizens in their own countries.

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