Hey all... i know this might seem like a touchy subject. I want to learn for fun, how to hack my own computer in my own network. I have 2 computers running Windows XP and are both under a router both having a 192.168.x.x IP address. How can i have some fun breaking into one of them. All of this is for a learning experience and of course for fun cuz its so boring during the summer. I go to college and I am trying to major in Computer Networking SPecialization. I know how to program in the C language as well.

So if anyone can give me some how to's on where to start. I already know basic networking, IP addresses and the like since i have taken a college Networking class, but i need to know actual commands and how to's on the matter. I know installing a Trojan on of them is of course the easy way, but i really don't wanna do it like that.

I truly and legitimately only want to learn this for learning experience because it will help me in the future. I do not want to do this to break the law. I will not do any illegal activities with any of the information that I recieve.