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Thread: Hillary will outlaw sex.

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    Hillary will outlaw sex.

    This is great. Just what the "front running" Democratic candidate
    for pres. in 2008 needs.

    Hillary writes off the gamer vote
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    Hillary needs to get her priorities straight, she is so worried about sex in video games when there is much worse things she needs to be concerned with!
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    Personally, this is really stupid. I agree that there are more important things out there than sex in a video game.

    About the actual issue: yeah, ok, shame on the game creators. But it's not just something you can come across. You have to make an effort to see what people are so upset at. Anyone blaming the parents because they did not instill the morals into their kids to not look at... animated nudity? Nope.

    Just seems like a stupid issue to concentrate so heavily on when there are more important issues at hand.
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    Sounds to me like a move to get the prude republicans to vote for her

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    All I know is based on a British journalist friend..............way back when Bill Clinton was running for president, he was in Arkansas and asked a local resident what he thought about Clinton.......the guy said:

    "Hard dawg to keep on the porch at night"

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    There are far more important things than removing sex from video games. Things like this: http://www.brillig.com/debt_clock/

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    Could someone remind me why I should vote for Hillary again?
    Do you mean that the author of the artical was Stupid enough to vote for her in the first place? and if he has lied about that then is he registered to vote?

    On to the subject.. like all polititions.. if you make a few waves in the right part of the pond and you will be seen as doing something.. then the nothing your realy doing will appear worthwhile.. and the electorate will give you a next chance..

    bah it is all BS.. ban the little bit of porn in a video game but allow the hardcore and more important the kiddy porn industry to grow.. and as mentioned a bit of porn is a nono but the killing of gangsters is ok.. nice double standards..

    political BS.. media BS.. BS.. one large pile of Male Bovine Excrement with extra sauce..
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    ... hahahahaha love the title "Hillary will outlaw sex" ... but my wife beat her too it years ago, don't have to be a powerful ex- First Lady politician to do this

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    Hillary will outlaw sex
    Good. Who really wants sex with Hillary anyway? Even her own husband had to get it somewhere else.
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    Hillary Clinton and GTA

    Hillary Clinton wants an investigation on who's responsible for the hidden sex scenes in GTA: san andreas wich apperently can be unlocked by some patch. The guy who made the patch says the animations etc already were in the game. Hillary Clinton says it's bad for little children etc you know the drill...

    Now I just laughed me arse off about that. First off the pictures aren't part of the game to start with or GTA would have an even higher age rating... but anyway... How can you bitch about sex in a game (wich is a perfectly fine thing to know about for all kids who can actually play the game well enough to get there) in wich you are ment to kill people, run em over, shoot their head of, steal, cheat, rob, beat up etc. You lost me there...
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