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Thread: Email Client Suggestions

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    Email Client Suggestions

    Hey guys.. sorry if this isn't the ideal position for this topic. Please move where you see fit.

    Anyway, I'm looking for an e-mail client.. but here's the thing: I want it to show me what's in my inbox without taking the emails away.

    Example of what I DONT want:
    If I set up a web based email account (Yahoo for example) and use Eudora to check it, the emails show up on Eudora. If I would want to go someplace else and want to check my email on the actual web-based "option", the emails are gone from there. They are no longer on the server. Is there any way I could use an email client (for checking multiple addresses, primarily) but still have the option of reading older emails through the web?

    I'm looking either for options to change or a program that keeps the emails on the server.

    Much thanks
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    Most email clients have the option to leave a copy of the message on the server

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    OHHMMMMMMM . . . invoking great google gods . . . OHHMMMMM . . . "eudora leaving copy email on server" . . . OHMMMM . . . feeling lucky . . . OHMMMMMM

    # There is a checkbox setting in Eudora (exact location varies a bit, depending upon the Eudora version/platform being used) "Leave on server" with another fill-in box that lets you decide how many days to leave messages on the server (assuming you leave them on the server at all).

    * Checking the "leave on server" checkbox, but leaving the how-many-days fill-in box blank leaves all of your messages on the server indefinitely. Please do not do this!

    * Leaving the "leave on server" checkbox unchecked means all messages on the server will be deleted after you check your mail and copies of the messages have been placed in your local Eudora InBox. If you are comfortable with this option, use it.

    * There is a middle way many users opt for, checking the "leave on server" checkbox and specifying a certain number of days -- leaving messages on the server for a few days, a week, maybe 2 weeks. This is a good plan -- especially if you read your email with Eudora (or other POP clients) in more than one place with more than one computer (like office and home).
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