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Thread: Revolutionary Keyboard?

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    Revolutionary Keyboard?


    Tell me, would this even be worth getting if/when it comes out? Would it just pose more problems than what it's worth, or would it be the only keyboard you would ever need for anything. Just curious on what is thought.

    Personally, I can see where it would be very handy, yet problematic at the same time. If a light would burn out, would you replace the tiny bulb, the entire key, or the entire board? I was just wondering if this would replace the keyboards in existance today, or if it's just an idea that isn't going to get anywhere.
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    I was looking at that the other day on slashdot.

    Looks pretty cool... though I kind of memorized the keyboard already. I also have shortcuts for all my most used applications... so just a couple of keystrokes does all I need. But... It would be pretty cool for gaming...
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    I remember playing with something like that in about 1988 It had LCD keys and you could program it.

    It never took off, as it was way too expensive (it was effectively a second computer) but I did see a use for it in multilingual environments, as you could change character sets in an instance.

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    Looks real cool (esp. the quake3 part). Not too useful IMO but sure is something to brag about and show off to people. And the keys don't look too friendly for typing upon.
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    SDK will be available
    Something we should know about Simon ?

    And I agree about the props to be gained at a LAN party
    Would need to see / feel / play / use it before making further judgement

    also cost IS a factor
    If it comes in at $300 [price of a good cell phone] why buy when a couple of short cuts does it for you ?
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