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Thread: SSH Faker

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    SSH Faker

    Hey Hey,

    Has anyone seen and/or used SSH Faker yet? It seems like a pretty cool idea... Reminds me a lot of the Cisco Lock & Key firewall... SSH won't allow you to connect directly (works with the ssh fake program and hosts.deny) but you can telnet to 22 and enter a password, then you'll be allowed to connect using SSH...

    I've seen more and more reports of brute force attacks against SSH... perhaps this is the solution...

    I'd love to hear feedback if anyone tries it and if I get around to installing it and testing it out, I'll let you know what I find out.

    Check it out @ http://www.pkts.ca/ssh-faker.shtml

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    I have and they are fun....I would call them a brother to the port knocker....Definitely are usefull in most situations. However, it would be easily engineered to create a worm to telnet/ssh combo on the defaults, one up/down.....Just time to tell

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    Great idea, however as sphraice said, I don't think it will be long before virus writers become smart to this (does that make sense, ah well I know what I mean)
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