Hey Hey,

Since I'm posting up a storm at the moment, I might as well continue it with a new piece of software that I've stumbled across.. the GNU Source Installer..

It aims to standardize the install of source code across *nix platforms and at the same time present your average user with an easy to understand and use method of installing software.

This could be a big push to the *nix community and it's movement to the desktop... One of the big problems is still software installation.. Sure there are RPMs for many of the major distros but they are quite often very specific.... There's programs like apt, slapt and apt4rpm but they are sometimes limited in software selection and availability... you can't always get the program and if you can it doesn't mean it's the latest version. With this, the user can download any .tar.gz, .tgz. .tar.bz2 file and install it using a nice GUI, with user prompts...

This may get some people's knickers in a bunch (I think that's the saying... looks to our British members for assistance)... I for one have always had a disdain for the *nix GUI... but I'm coming to accept it more and more these days (It's all I use at school and work)... and I'm glad to see another tool that will help to make *nix a little more standardized and easier for the end user to use.

Check it out @ http://www.gnu.org/software/sourceinstall/