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Thread: firefox failure

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    Senior Member DakX's Avatar
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    Jul 2005
    Firefox is the only thing i tuned on my pc. And messed with some game settings, you know to make it quicker.
    As for my pc:
    Wind 98 second edition (all updates installed)
    intel pentium 3 proccesor 800mhz
    256mb ram
    28.6 hd
    nvidia riva tnt2 model 64 (64 mb i believe)
    Is that enough or do you want more? I found this with dxdiag, form windows.
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    Jul 2003
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    Well, that sounds like reasonable kit, and WIN98SE is the best of their stand alone operating systems. You might get some advantage from increasing the RAM to 384Mb. Don't go above 512Mb as you might get instability, but more importantly it is a watse of money. The stand alone versions of Windows generally don't use more than around 400Mb, unless you are doing something really weird.

    This is a good site for advice and tools to get the best performance out of Windows. Please read the directions carefully



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    Jul 2005
    Thanks for the advice. I was already thinking of some more ram on the count that i run out of memory every once in a while. I was planning on saving for a new pc but i think i can spend a bit of money on this one because i need it afther i got a new one anyway. I will go check out that site. And i am alway's carefull with my baby.
    [T]he future is now.

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