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    Verizon pocket pc logs????

    Hey guys found something out the other day not sure if you knew this but.....

    Called verizon to have them replace my audiovox 6600 Pocket pc and heres what they told me.....

    Umm yeah you did a soft reset 4 times yesterday in (city location) a hard reset twice about a week ago in (city location).....they even notied the web content i had visited in the past few days and said that they could go ahead and replace it since i had already done all of the updates and the unit was determined defective........

    So im wondering ...is this on all phones with internet access or just my model or carrier????? Seems like a little too much info that a phone company can pull off of my phone plus a pretty damn close location to where i was when i did it....is there any useful reason you guys can think of that a phone company would need to be able to log all of that information....just curious?

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    This is nothing your home ISP couldn't get from its logs if it wanted to, at least for as long as they keep them. Your cell company has organized its data to help fix the problems on your phone.

    Invasive, but also convenient. I expect they have a policy of not revealing or selling what they collect, but in situations like this it is used and seen by those who use it.

    That said, I don't see why they should have to see what sites you have visited.

    I doubt there is any way to opt out of this, though I might be wrong. Get hold of their privacy policy so you know exactly what they collect, how they use it, and how long they keep it.


    Your post would have been better put in the 'Wireless Security' forum, where it is more likely to be read by those who can answer it . . .

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    I have a question: is your phone GPS capable? I'm curious as to how they determined your location: either by GPS signals or by which towers you were using at the time. I'm trying to see if maybe T-Mobile (my carrier) uses the same type of system, or if it is just with Verizon.
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    im assuming they may it using the new evdo system some how since the signal is stronger yes it is gsm for the phone side of it though but from what i am told gsm signal is equivilant to you seeing a 25 watt light buld in Japan from the US....lol i assume that the evdo system uses the internet via land posts so then can tell where you are by what post, node, etc you are on

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