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Thread: Can anybody point me to some good hacking site

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    Can anybody point me to some good hacking site

    I want to learn how to get started hacking.

    What program languages should I learn, it must be simple, cuz I don't know jack **** about programming

    I have Windows Xp and Redhat 8 linux on my computer, I understand xp is not good for hacking and i must use redhat.

    Trouble is Linux is so tough to use, a simple install of a stupid file can take hours of my time looking for prereusistes.

    I have been using computers since I was 5 years old, I regret all I mostly did was play games.

    I have bAsic computer repair skills in WIndows and can take apart a computer and put it back together in 5 hours.

    Is there a Basic guide on hacking, I learn by experience, I'm not looking to commit illegal activities Im just curious and seriously intersted.

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    Ok first off ? WIndows is not good for hacking ? oh please, linux is better ? Why ?

    and um, go to your local library and pick up a C++ c#, VB, HTML, whatever book and start reading it, trust me, you'll learn to program that way.

    And SEARCH THE FORUMS, this topic has been discussed and discussed thousands of times here, and i dont think any one is in the mood to retype everything just for you. Sorry if i sound a little rude. Search the forums.
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    The Professional Hacking: CEH Boot Camp is targeted at professionals with at least 1 year of experience in Information Systems and networking technologies. The student should have a strong knowledge of TCP/IP, and a general understanding of information security. While both Windows and Linux are used within the class, students should have a willingness to learn tools and procedures from a Linux perspective.
    Professional Hacking: CEH Boot Camp


    Or...to quote gore...

    1. Get an Axe

    2. Place Computer on desk

    3. Swing axe at computer, hack all day.

    whichever you prefer.

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    Hi Fragem420 and welcome to AO..............I see you are from NY................I am from Old York (we just call it York) which comes from the Viking "Jorvik"..........the previous occupants (Romans) called it "Eboracum"

    Now, I will warn you that your question may be misinterpreted, as I believe that you use the term "hacking" in the same way that myself and some of the other old farts on this forum would

    In my youth, "hacking" was being able to devise work arounds, to get things done with the least effort, and to basically "know your stuff".

    Unfortunately, I am not aware of a single site that has all the info, you have to browse around and pick it up here and there. In a way it is a bit like "experience"?...........how long does it take to get 20 year's experience?...........err......... 20 years

    For hardware please have a look at the latest Bigelows maintenance book.............they are pretty good.

    Go to all the major antivirus sites and subscribe to their alerts............then you need SANS and CERT, both sites provide good advisories..............

    You MUST get yourself an old computer to play with..............NOT connected to the internet. For educational purposes a null modem cable will do just fine.

    There are basically two sorts............those who are "skiddies" and just want some tool that they do not understand to cause mahem.............and those who seek true knowledge?...........you sound like one of the latter

    Good luck, or, as they would say in EG~'s part of the World, "Bon Chance"

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