Hi all!

I'm working on a web site for my client. Unfortunately, my client has already paid for a web hosting and I have several problems with them. So maybe somebody can help.

1. How is it possible, that when I try to open http://aj-partner.com my clients web pages are opened, but when I try to open https://aj-partner.com a completely different page is opened?

2. Anyone knows how to run something like mod_rewrite on IIS server? I'd like to use it as I normally do, but usually are my script placed on linux servers. And the hosting guy doesn't know how to solve this problem.

3. Last thing - when I tried to open http://www.aj-partner.com/stats/ a login box should appear. But the only thing I get is an error message HTTP error 401.3. This is probably also some sort of IIS thing, but it looks like I'm the only one getting this error. The hosting guy doesn't know what to do. Again:0

Anybody could help?

Thank you very much!!