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    Hi DakX,

    Yes it is the main version before Firefox. Remember that Firefox has been in beta release for quite a while. A link is here:


    Last release seems to be 1.7.8 a couple of months ago. It works with the Thunderbird package as well

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    Yeah i noticed it to when i was browsing the mozilla site earlier. Thx for clearing it up.
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    Firefox and Thunderbird: both excelent proggies that were originally named Phoenix/FireBird and Minotaur (respectivly).

    One last advice to the starter of the thread:
    - if at the end of the day (by some twisted and evil reason ), you still wish to use IE, get SpywareBlaster , a cool *.exe from the fellows at javacoolsoftware that approaches spyware on a different way.
    They don't clean it up, this peace of freeware is intended to prevent the spyware from actually reaching your computer, simply by integrating itself within IE.

    All you have to do is download, run the proggie, get the last available package of updates and let it do the job.

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    There is a thread or two dedicated to stopping this so of thing ......

    Find mine here
    it contains a link to yet another thread.

    Just follow the instructions and it should / will help.

    You've been here a while now, you SHOULD know better by now

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    get AdAware and do scans regularly with updated signatures. it is free for personal users.

    you can get it at www.lavasoft.com . I'd also recommend using your own settings for a scan (that way you can make it a little better). I do a scan once a week. I usually end up deleting 1 or 2 spywares/adwares.

    Also get a good antivirus like NOD32. you can get it from www.eset.com . It uses super heuristics (some even identified what looked like a sandbox when disassembled) and the newest version also detects spyware/adware/riskware (as long as you set it to detect it). Use "Deep" or "High" level of heuristics, set it to detect "Potentially dangerous applications", "Packed Files" and all archives, and make sure that there are no extension exclusions. In general set your own preferances with it too (just will scan a little deeper and how you want it to).

    nod32 scans files in memory giving it a good defence against applications that utilize unknown compression methods (scans AFTER unpack and while application is running).

    - ryan

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    Good Day,

    Not necessarily picking on RyanN in particular, however AdAware and the same link was recommended 2 times in this thread previous to his post. It still amazes me that folks don't take the time to read the previous posts before jumping in or checking the date to see how old it is. This one is 10 days old and I'm quite sure the OP has fixed the problem by now or she would have returned much earlier.

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