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    Tell your stupid brother to read this several times:


    And I do mean stupid ........................keyloggers don't just "happen" either you have inadequate physical security and/or you are running an insecure setup, and/or generally coupled with unsafe internet usage practices.

    Then read the security tutorials and posts on this site and learn how to secure the machine and install appropriate countermeasures.

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    I was wondering when the reds were gonna start flying...

    How people treat you is their karma- how you react is yours-Wayne Dyer

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    Well if all your little bro does is play games I dont think the keylogger got any vital info on him. Just remove the logger and change all your passwords. Little kids dont have credit card info like what this guy is looking for. How do you know it was this guy in the first place and not a buddy or another Hacker? Hell could have been mommy and daddy making sure there child isnt getting into trouble on the internet. I would do that to my kids computers.

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    Keyloggers suck, but this smells like some lame social engeneering thing to me...

    how often have we seen this on AO (and all over the place)?
    "Help me, someone hacked me and bla bla bla, can u hack him back, i got an IP and bla bla bla"
    (i know being suspictious about everyone sucks but hey...its the www )

    BUT STILL...
    considering that it happened, i sugest you do all the steps mentioned above (including letting it go ), plus this one:

    - most of the ppl that use the web download *.exes from p2p,warez and other type of sites, but what they don't often know is that most of the things you dl from doubtefull sources is piggybacked with FTP servers that don't show up as virii, that share your intire HDD and that have faux-amis (false friends) names to lure you into thinking it's a system proggie and letting it through your firewall (if you have one...).

    Who knows if the attacker didn't send your gamme-addict brother the latest_super_<enter-game-name>_patch.exe and voila'.

    Only to say that without a good security, IDS and logs it's hard to know for sure how he got in, and not knowing is leaving the door opened for others.
    I'd go with format c:\

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