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    Yes there is software that does that sort of thing, "loverspy" is one that springs to mind. Brain dead morons can use it straight out of the box.............it costs $99. I did a test and review of it about 18 months ago on this site.

    Remember that this kind of crap has to "phone home" so just configure your firewall to report all external connections for your approval, and check your firewall logs for unusual connections.

    Go to the Trend Micro site and run the online scanner "housecall"

    Get these and update them, and update your AV, then reboot into safe mode:



    Get a friend to open a spoof account in an appropriate name.
    Write yourselves a shooting script, the sleazier the better.
    Play the script out.
    See if you get any reaction.

    If you do, report it to the local police department and the FEDs

    This is an ILLEGAL and CRIMINAL activity .............be aware of that

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    now that i think about it, an ex spying on me would be sort of hot, and a major ego boost in that twisted..."damn look what I did to her" sort of way. lmfao. Go with Nihil and play out a script. Or plan a date via AIM and see if she shows up. now that would be fun.
    Everyone is going to die, I am just as good of a reason as any.


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    plan a date via AIM and see if she shows up. now that would be fun.
    ehehehe Payback is a bitx

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