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Thread: Engineers - Free Parametric Solid Modeler (Legit)

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    Engineers - Free Parametric Solid Modeler (Legit)

    Originally from SlickDeals.net ( http://forums.slickdeals.net/t109751...&highlight=cad )

    X-CAD has promised to give away FREE Mechanical Design Software. According to their website:
    "When 100,000 people register, you will receive directions via e-mail to download the free software.

    Spread the word and get your free 3D CAD software faster — tell all your colleagues and friends to register too!

    It's the best deal on 3D CAD software for mechanical design, period. Own one of the most powerful parametric solid modelers on the market FREE when 100,000 people register by August 1, 2005.

    Everyone who registers will get the X-CAD product for FREE — but only if 100,000 people participate. So, spread the word and get your free 3D CAD software faster — tell all your colleagues and friends to register too! "


    There has been research by Ralph Grabowski, a prominent CAD journalist who claims that this is a legitimate site, and not a spam harvester: (http://www0.slickdeals.net/?t=109751...ad_mystif.html)


    There has also been another development. As we passed around 95,000 registrations Alibre Design posted a press release de-mystifying who is behind the give-away.

    RICHARDSON, TX.—July 20, 2005—Alibre, Inc. today announced that it is the company behind the X-CAD promotion launched in late May at the web site www.x-cad.net. The company also announced that the new software, originally announced as X-CAD as part a 100,000 seat giveaway contest, will be named Alibre Design Xpress when it ships -- if 100,000 people have registered. The contest goal of 100,000 registrations appears likely: over 94,000 have registered to date and the registration rate is increasing.


    Since I am going into college & mechanical engineering, I will personally find this software very useful. Mainly because it will be free, while most solid 3d modelers cost a fortune for a single seat. I really hope we reach the 100,000 seat goal, because I can use all of the Solid 3d Modelers I can get.

    I've signed up already, and wanted to at least get another 100 or so people from AO to sign up too.


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    I signed up!
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    There at 99150 already. M gonna sign up with a diffrent email as well.
    Edit: Can't sign up twice using firefox. But you can using IE and firefox. SO you can sign up twice. There at 99171.
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    i signed up to help out...but it really sounds fishy!
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    reading the posts at the bottom of the page, found this :
    Alibre Design Xpress is 3D solid modeling software for the masses. It is better than low-cost, it's free! That's right, free. How do they do that? When you run Alibre Design Xpress some of your screen will be dedicated to ads that are served up by Google. They aren't huge and obtrusive but they might be somewhat distracting. After all, you're trying to model stuff, not shop. It's probably a reasonable trade off for the free capabilities. Alibre Design Xpress is a subset or scaled-down version of Alibre's standard software Alibre Design. As such, it has certain things turned off. This means there will be many things you cannot do. For instance, hollows or shells are disabled and you'll be limited in how many components you can have in an assembly. It also requires you to have an internet connection to use; that can be somewhat restricting if you are on the road a lot. But don't panic. Alibre Design Xpress has a multi-stepped upgrade path that will take care of the problem. For a mere $49, you can eliminate the ads and work offline. You can also upgrade to the full Alibre Design software. Standalone, the standard verion of Alibre Design software costs less than a grand so it's pretty inexpensive for 3D solid modeling software. They also have Alibre Design Professional and Alibre Design Expert. You can visit their web site for details on those packages.
    So it has adware built in.........
    you can get rid of 'em for $49 :eek
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    was at 100284 when I signed up and 3 mins later 100287.. looked interesting.. until i read further.. and with the adware.. I suspect that I will be leaving it alone.... pity Foxy posted while I was signing up.. pity I am sleeping so much.. it is a lovely winters day outside
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    Hey Hey,

    I've added my support.

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    When you guys actually get it, let us know how it really is. I get leery when I read stuff like this:

    It is better than low-cost, it's free! That's right, free.
    Unfortunately it sounds like that tired old adage “if it’s sounds to good to be true, then……”; lives on to fight another day.

    How do they do that? When you run Alibre Design Xpress some of your screen will be dedicated to ads that are served up by Google.
    Well this has been in practice for a while. One of the requirements of a free browser I had did the same thing. The ads weren’t to inhibiting, but on this one they specifically say: “some of your screen will be dedicated to ads”

    Connection refused, try again later.

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    Thanks for the very sharp eyes @ AO for catching that (Google) adware part. Personally I'm very scared of running google software on my system (their image search, google earth - I use NASA WorldWind), although I do use my gmail account for a lot (this being one of the uses)... But it does open the door on there being something else that is hiding...I'll probably watch how others deal with it before jumping in with both feet...

    BTW, thanks all for helping us reach 100,000+. It is probably just a marketing thing to say "we have 100,000+ people interested in our product," but now it is their turn to stand by their word. I have seen one other give-away with no catches recently - Pixmantec's RAW Shooter Essentials - so I was hoping this 3d cad one was similar without catch.

    I will be running this to see if the software lives up to my expectations, though.

    For the time being I'm planning on modeling some rather simple parts to rotate my Digital SLR around the nodal point of my lens (eliminates parallax error in stitched-panoramic photos). If it can do that I'll go further and see what the ceiling of the demo version is by thinking up some sort of robotic arm device with gears and such.

    If it works out I might pay $49 to get rid of Google Ads, but I'm hoping there is something for students to get something better cheaper...because in the end I'm only parting with my $$$ if it does a good job...ie I don't want to fork out $50 if it doesn't meet my design/complexity needs just to get rid of ads. I'll see what Student Licenses I can get at a slightly higher price-point that can really get the job done right if that is the case...once I am actually in school I'll know for sure if they have other software licenses they give to students or not...

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