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Thread: 200GB in 128GB out :(

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    Unhappy 200GB in 128GB out :(

    Just a quick one

    Fitted a 200GB HDD [IDE] into my server running W2K Server.

    I can only see 128GB

    I've Googled and found the 'hack' to enable LBA [Logical Block Addressing] large disc support

    'hack' =
    To enable 48-bit LBA large-disk support in the registry: 1. Start Registry Editor (Regedt32.exe).
    2. Locate and then click the following key in the registry:
    3. On the Edit menu, click Add Value, and then add the following registry value:
    Value name: EnableBigLba
    Data type: REG_DWORD
    Value data: 0x1
    4. Quit Registry Editor.
    But the swine STILL won't co-operate........

    CPU is a PIII 1GHz with 512 MB RAM
    BIOS is Award Modular v6.00PG

    Any one care to help ????

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    Hey Hey,

    I'm running out the door but I'll throw up a quick response.. Check for BIOS updates... Check that your BIOS supports the 128GB Limit.. you may need a controller card added to your system... Check and see if your motherboard supports the 48bit addressing.

    If you haven't seen this link, you can check it out here.


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    Hi foxyloxley,

    Added a 200 gig IDE drive to a win2k server box for testing purposes in an HP Netserver E60. the BIOS see's this drive and recognize's as a 200 gig. windows only see's 128 gig's huh? anybody have any answers to this?

    48-Bit LBA Support for ATAPI Disk Drives in Windows 2000

    from this site...


    PC Review - windows only see's 128 gigs out of 200

    Hope it helps


    EDIT: Sorry HT...you weren't here when I started...just slower on the draw

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    Had the same prob with my 160gb using winxp. it would show only 120 or 127gb... i can't remember correctly. But sp2 corrected it. sp2 also detects non-windows partitions and shows them as unknown filesystems rather than empty space .

    Oops, sorry. You're using win2k. Ignore this post plz.
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    Not sure if this will work Foxy~ but if you have 48 bit LBA enabled, and the BIOS does recognise the drive as 200Mb, you might try the HDD manufacturer's site and see if they have an installation program.

    If so it will probably have programs to tweak your settings where required.

    As mentioned, does your BIOS support drives larger than 128Mb? (137Mb) If not, and there is no upgrade, the installer software usually installs a program that runs at boot-up and intercepts/corrects what the BIOS has reported to Windows. This is the old situation where the BIOS does not support the drive but Windows does.

    I have this old Digital Venturis 5133 (5 = family 5, or Pentium I to you 133 = Mhz) It came with this massive 1.7 Gb drive So I took that out and stuck in a 60Gb and a "Bigfoot" that I had picked up from an upgrade, that was supposed to be 8.4 Gb.

    I ran the drive manufacturer's installation software and it loaded a proggy that gets the 60Gb drive recognised as such. It also installed the 8.4 Gb drive as slave, but correctly identified it as a 14.4Gb drive.

    I have not had the heart to tell the original owner that he had paid for a 14.4Gb drive but only been able to use it as an 8.4. The price difference in those days must have been around 100?

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    My BIOS is v6, there is a v8

    So, I have to flash

    Upgrading the BIOS doesn't hurt, but this by itself won't solve the problem unless your OS supports 48-bit addressing
    The 200GB HDD is a slave to a 20GB HDD on which I have the NOS.

    According to what I read, it WILL sort it when flashed............
    it takes SP3, I'm at SP4 + everything since..........

    I can't believe how worried I am about doing this .............
    Do it without a thought at work, on OTHER PEOPLES PC'S ...............

    Ah well.
    Lets DO IT......

    Backups ready .................................. Check
    It's midnight, and I'm wearing sunglasses

    Back soon.........................................ish

    Thanks for the link HT
    and Eg, I'd already found that link [it's in my post ]
    but thanks for taking the time to look.
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    Blah, Microsoft gave me the same problem when installing a second HD back in the day of windows 95. It didn't like drives bigger than 2gb as a second drive. Talk about error inheritance!

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    Just a thought, HDD's have a jumper on the back of them, you know, the one's that set it to master, slave, cable select, and sometimes there's one for limiting the amount of disc space that can be used. I forgot what it was called, but make sure the jumper is NOT set to that and set to slave, since you said you are slaving it...
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    I might be wrong but if how about splitting it into two 100gig partitions or into 2x50 gig,s and 1 x 100gig..

    hope it helps
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    you got it almost right

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