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Thread: do you know this character from anime

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    do you know this character from anime

    pls check pic and let me know who is it and from what anime

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    I think, i think i saw some wallpapers from that anime here: http://www.animewallpapers.com/

    if youre not too lazy check out all the cartoons..
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    Alucard to be precise:

    Man, wolf, bat, mist-- Alucard is one versatile dude. he has a myriad of shiny guns, and he wears his sunglasses at night. he is hellsing's secret weapon; he enjoys exterminating pathetic vampire wannabes.
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    I think it is someone who has got bloodshot eyes after an unsuccessful attempt on the dualbooting installation of linux and has scrambled up the other os too.

    Have seen this face too many times in the past two months when i have been programming in linux environment during the summer training on other classmates.
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