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Thread: 80 Super Security Tips

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    Wink 80 Super Security Tips

    From an EMail that WASN'T SPAM
    they had a list of things to do to help secure your PC.

    Some good, and some strange ones, but it's ALL good reading.
    It puts into one place, all the links they [PCMag] have released recently.
    Worth a bookmark at least........


    Whether your PC is 3 years or 3 days old, it faces the same, sometimes scary security issues. Viruses want to attack your system the moment it goes online, spyware is piggybacking with your mail and trying to slide in along with online ads, Trojans lay in wait at every turn and Phish—perhaps the sneakiest attack of all—smile at you while trying to steal your identity.

    There are ways out of this mess. These tips can show you what to do, help you better understand the threats and be ready with a plan of counter attack.

    It's time to take back your computing life.
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    Excellent post, sysinternals.com has alot of tools in it that I could soon be swearing by (my job is removing virus/spyware/malware.....) tried to give you some positive antipoints but it says I have given you too many in the past, seems like you post too many useful threads
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    Re: 80 Super Security Tips

    Originally posted here by foxyloxley

    Some good, and some strange ones,
    Cool tips foxy ......

    SOME .... I think all of them are strange ....
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    Good find, greatly appreciated. I also like the fact in mentions some really good software I never heard of so I'm definitely gonna check out the software it recommends. Thanks again Computernerd22

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