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    New Forum - Job Postings

    Hey Hey,

    I was wondering about a new forum.... Job Postings... Online Job Search websites are becoming more and more popular these days, which would mean more traffic for the site, as well by attracting people looking for IT type jobs it may increase the number of contributing members...

    I've been having really good results with Online Job Search type sites... (3 interviews without applying and about 25 positions that I've found to apply to)... This forum wouldn't necessarily be the same thing.. but those in the industry here could post of jobs they know about... or positions that come up that we see on different websites could be posted here...

    Some examples of posts that would fit in this forum:


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    Hi HT,

    Well...I think a forum for job placements is a good idea...I'm sure alot of people interested in a job in IT would appreciate that...especially if there's a significant amount of ' ground floor ' opportunities posted.


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    For the UK, I find http:\\www.jobserve.co.uk to be a good site.
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