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Thread: Longhorn to Be Christened 'Windows Vista'

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    Keep in mind that during the days of pre-xp, when they announced the system requirments, everyone was going apeshit. they seemed ridiculous at the time, but seem like nothing now.

    it is all about leaving head room, letting the technology grow to fit the shoe.

    this type of design also creates better business for everyone... when xp came out, companies and enduser's alike were rushing to finally *upgrade* their systems. due to supply and demand, prices decreased, while speed and size of componenents increased; bigger hard drives, faster processors and ram, better video cards to support the eye candy.

    it is the software that sets the standards for hardware these days; games, programs, and operating systems, not the other way around.

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    XP can run on a Pentium 2, at the time it was released, that wasn't that bad. It can run on something similar to Windows 2000. at least with XP the hardware EXISTED that it needed.

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    Well, the new Windows OS might not be called "Vista" after all. Seems like someone already has that name registered. http://seattletimes.nwsource.com/htm...rovista23.html

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    i think MS is trying to lower our expectations of Windows Vista off the bat by using a crappy name...

    that way when you do realise how much it does suck.. you dont care as much and your feelings arnt as hurt

    XP had a zing to it... also looks like a cool smile face with toung sticking out from the mouth *if you look sideways* how cool is that??
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    Well i installed Longhorn Alpha on this machine, Celeron 800 Mhz, 392 RAM, 80 GB, GeForce 2 MX 440, didn't lag at all. and pooh sun tzu installed Beta on a little better system then mine and it worked perfectly so i think that website is over-reacting. Unless they changed a WHOLE lot of **** since Longhorn Beta was tested by pooh.
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    Bleh, Longhorn is a far better name and I refuse to call it anything but longhorn!!
    That said, when I tried the "beta" it sucked.....something chronic.......Hated the bar on the right hand side that theyve had such a fuss about, mostly because it actually makes applications smaller, meaning you loose a lot of space for some daft bar that really isn't all that great to begin with. Give me something like the Apple application bar that actually stays pretty much out of the way and everything will be honky dory......that said, I don't believe Microsoft is competent enough to program something of that calibre

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    I tried Longhorn Alpha and didn't really like it....and now, with the name "Vista", I don't think I'm ever going to buy it! I mean, what's the point?
    Friend- "Hey, I'm running Ubuntu on my computer it's so sleek, fast, and has loads of applications which you can easily get using dpkg/apt-get frontend."
    Me- "Oh, yeah....I'm using Windows Vista."
    Friend- "Aha...yup, well, bye!"
    Eeeeeeeek, I can just imagine it! Windows Vista - what have MS run out of names or something?
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    Take a look at the joy of tech explanation..

    Although I'll go with allenb1963
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    what do people have against Jar Jar binks!
    he wasnt THAT bad.... sure he was annoying... but so are alot of people

    妯py展ght is annoying... we still have fun with him around here
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    would I still be able to play Solitaire and minesweeper

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