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Thread: Biomolecular Computing

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    Biomolecular Computing

    Like Turing machines, which operate on strings and accept languages, most of the DNA computer models use this linearity as a main force. The information in a DNA molecule is stored in a sequence of nucleotides, also called bases, A,G,C,T (adenine, guanine, cytosine and thymine) joined together by phosphodiester bonds. A single strand of DNA has also a ``beginning'' (usually denoted by 5') and an ``end'' (denoted by 3'). Hence the molecule is oriented. The nucleotides also tend to seek their complements (A is complementary to T and C is complementary to G). This is the well known Watson-Crick complementarity. Two single stranded DNA molecules with complementary sequences of nucleotides and opposite orientation join together through hydrogen bonds and form a double stranded molecule which in space appears as a double helix. When double stranded molecules are heated to 95oC, they disentangle (denature) into single stranded molecules. If single stranded molecules are cooled, they seek their complement and re-anneal into double stranded form. These properties are used by many models of DNA computers. A four letter alphabet can be used $\{A,G,C,T\}$ (in comparison with $\{0,1\}$) and simple operations on the DNA strings can be performed using a few commercially available enzymes that act on the molecules in different ways.
    Papers by Reif on Biomolecular Computing and Self Assembly of DNA Nanostructures (39 papers)
    Papers are in PDF format and are in reverse order ( the latest last instead of first )

    Biomolecular Computing at Duke
    Our recent research mainly deals with the aspect of energy consumption by a computer. We were able to construct a molecular computer whose sole energy source is its input, a combination unthinkable of in the realm of electronic computers. This energy is extracted as the input data molecule is destroyed during computation. As a side-effect we were able to modify our previous molecular computer so that it does not consume software molecules during computation: the only component that changes is the input, while the hardware and the software molecules remain unchanged.
    Laboratory for Biological Nanocomputers
    The difference with Quantum Computing is dramatic. Quantum Computing involves high physical technology for the isolation of mixed quantum states necessary to implement (if this is scalable) efficient computations solving combinatorially complex problems such as factorization. DNA Computing operates in natural noisy environments, such as a glass of water. It involves an evolvable platform for computation in which the computer construction machinery itself is embedded. Embedded computing is possible without electrical power in microscopic, error prone and real time environments, using mechanisms and technology compatible with our own make up. Because DNA Computing is linked to molecular construction, the computations may eventually also be employed to build three dimensional self-organizing partially electronic or more remotely even quantum computers. Moreover, DNA Computing opens computers to a wealth of applications in intelligent manufacturing systems, complex molecular diagnostics and molecular process control.
    Biomolecular Computing

    personally, even though I may not understand all of it, I find this research fascinating...the prospect we may have computers that work on a similiar level to ourselves..the capacity to not only compute but to actually ' think ' is interesting in a matrix sort of way

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    Sounds sw33t. Imagne beeing able to think your way trough the internet. Imagne the new world for hackers
    [T]he future is now.

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    Hacking the human mind?... reprogramming it to think the way of the software author..

    Done.. called TV

    hmm .. it is interesting to think.. you could have a vat of liquid.. and that could be a 30Tb storage container.. (sort of funny thinking how one would defragment such a storage device).. realy that is all a dna is a storage container.. that is able to self replicate..
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    Yes fascinating subject indeed
    it was one of my main subjects on new technology this year in university....
    well got into lot of details...so what u want me to explain for you

    and maybe i will put my research papers as tutorial but i have to make it bit more simplified

    there are some amazing applications that are being developped, some of them suceeded like DNA to treat cancer, using dna to break the Data encryption standard,encryption using dna ....

    well hacking the human mind is not surprising or so hard to immagine
    think u have DNA computers in ur body sensing the level of some substances. like the ones that cause happiness, anger,depression or help human think better.. that when level of substance reaches a certain limit, the DNA computer releases another substance to kill the happiness hormone or enzyme....
    that will cause ppl to be always angry, or lazy, or happy
    the biggest mean of control

    well hope this does not turn out to be some blaber of my immagination... but i think it can me easily immagined...

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