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Thread: Microsoft Applies For Smiley Patent

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    Microsoft Applies For Smiley Patent

    The patent, which was published by the US patent office on Thursday, covers selecting pixels to create an emoticon image, assigning a character sequence to these pixels and reconstructing the emoticon after transmission.

    Mark Taylor, the executive director of the Open Source Consortium, said on Friday said this is such a basic concept that he would not have been surprised to see it posted as a fictional patent on a technology site.

    "I would have expected to see something like this suggested by one of our more immature community members as a joke on Slashdot, and probably would have chuckled at the absurdity of the notion. We now appear to be living in a world where even the most laughable paranoid fantasies about commercially controlling simple social concepts are being outdone in the real world by well-funded armies of lawyers on behalf of some of the most powerful companies on the planet," said Taylor.

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    I think we need to generate a couple of new ones QUICK ...........





    Come on Billy boy :make my day:
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    OLDER yes
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    Ok that is one of the stupidest things that Microsoft has come up with. I mean applies for a patent on a smiley. I mean they didn't even invent it.
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    I don't think Undies is going to part with his Pirate Smilely without a fight

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    Why is it that I have a sudden urge to put the wires on that nasty little druggie scamster and touch him with my finger?

    Yeah, Billy Windows must be the richest guy to ever have been busted on a pot rap..........not many people know that

    Maybe Micro$haft is a front for laundering Columbian "export revenues"

    Ack phtt!

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    I mean they didn't even invent it.
    They never invented anything.................They just brought it.

    Yeah, Billy Windows must be the richest guy to ever have been busted on a pot rap..........not many people know that
    And also not have the loose change to pay for some icecream, aparently[1]

    [1] some shitty book I read
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