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Thread: an other eBay Phish

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    an other eBay Phish

    Hi Guys..

    Found this on Security Focus.. it appears tobe a slightly more targeted phish.. found here: http://www.securityfocus.com/archive.../30/0/threaded

    It is interesting .. if a scammer is able to get the users email addy, then they can get really creative and use auction information in their scams .. I know it would be harder for me to recognise ..
    .. the authors wording has always been the weak point.. but these guys are professionals.. so how soon, how much better..
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    Hi Undies,

    I'm sure they'll finally catch on that their scams are having less value as more become aware of what to look out for...and then they'll improve upon what does work.

    A neverending problem.


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