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Thread: Microsoft Security Videos

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    Microsoft Security Videos

    Hey Hey,

    Has anyone seen these videos before? I attempted to search the site, but unfortunately the words At Home, Security, Microsoft and Video are quite common and the number of results made it nearly impossible to sift through and find anything... I figure either way, this is a nice link to have available again.

    Now these videos are obviously directed at the home user, and they are very simple and easy to follow... but from the ones I've watched so far they do a good job of getting the information across and helping to make the user more aware. The only problem I have is that the files are executables... files with names like update.exe, spam.exe, etc usually strike me as problem software, however these are legit.

    This could be posted anywhere... but i figured that this was the best place since several of the videos focus on phishing, scams, email, and privacy... which are some of the keypoints of this forum.

    You can check them out at http://www.microsoft.com/athome/secu...s/default.mspx and if you have some casual computer users in the household that you have a difficult time getting things across to, these videos might be the perfect way to help them understand.

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    I loved them, that woman has a real horny voice............

    However My brother who has been into computers longer than I have, summed up what is the previlant atitude......................**** all that ****. I want to see what i want to see. It just blocks me .my pc gets ****ed up i'll just do a re-install.
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    I learned one new thing - "Always close a window by pressing the X button at the top-right corner of it."

    Thanks HTRegz for the link.

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    i have two words to say --> "naked news".

    if they did the videos that way - they would have tons & tons or repeat downloads and viewings.

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    Originally posted here by rowdy_yates
    i have two words to say --> "naked news".
    if they did the videos that way - they would have tons & tons or repeat downloads and viewings.
    They actually have that. It's called porn. See, this is what happened:
    People got the idea to have this "naked news" fad and it caught on. The problem was everyone was paying attention to the "naked" half instead of the "news" half, so the higher-ups decided to get rid of the news part altogether. They figure why do twice as much of work when only half is being used. It's like painting your house for a peeping tom when all he cares about is what's through the window (you).
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    hey wow.. the videos are gorgeous indeed

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