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Thread: game instalation problem?

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    game instalation problem?

    hi there
    sorry if this doesnt fit here but need help with it and really dont know is it hardware or software problem.
    have asus a7n8x_x mobo
    512 3200 400 kingston
    xp pro
    ati radeon 9200se video card with latest catalist driver(28/06/2005)
    yesterday i stuff something with my pc so i reinstalled xp again on c disk.
    (have anothere hard disk)
    installed drivers and all is good.
    I come across a problem with counter strike game and as some members are cs fanatics maybe yiou will be able to help.
    instalment of game goes smooth.
    cs condition zero
    instalment of steam goes smooth
    when i log in with my user name and try to play it onliine my game doesnt respond.i can not get to the window with servers .
    when i play it from disk i have no problems at all.so its not driver its not direct x its not firewall because i unistalled it.i even unistalled service pack 2 and still no luck.
    when i start steam and try to get to the game it little icon in notification area goes small.
    steam gets updated without problem.
    i have tryied everything
    tried to start nearly all services
    look into bios name it i tried so i am stuck now
    (considering remormating both disk and start from zero.
    any sugestion direction i dont know where to look any more
    i unistalled and reinstalled game few times no success
    i get connected towith adsl 1500/256 with natcomm 1300 plus 4 router.
    before pc problem i had same configuration and everything worked fine.never had problem with game

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    I am not an online gamer so this might be total crap, but, in the installation, might you have cleared cookies that contained some sort of password or identifier?

    You might have to set up the game connection again?

    Just a thought?

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    right click on the steam icon in the system tray and go to monitor. Sometimes steam will say a game is ready to beplayed when in all reality it is still installing. If the moitor shows it downloading then that is whats happening to you. I had the exact same problem with Condition Zero.

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    ty all
    rightclicking on steam in notification area and clicking monitor showed that only 36 of game has been downloaded so i left it on and took 6 hours to download the rest .
    now in business
    ty zombie

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