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    Thumbs up Firefox Deer Park Alpha 2

    Just a quick bit about something fun I did a few days ago:

    Well I'm using Firefox Deer Alpha 2 on an AMD64 laptop running SUSE and I must admit it rocks some a55!! Not my fav OS but, well, I didn't feel like mucking around with a reload just get it going....Yes I'm lazy sometimes, especially when it comes to toys.

    Anybody have any experience with it? The same old tweaks do even more wonders for this "gem in the rough". Although that could definitely be perception, but as quite a few of you are fond of saying "perception is reality" so there.

    I'm gonna load up any other 64 bit OS'es I can find (FreeBSD, Winblows, etc) and see how it does. I have a feeling it win't let me down.

    Questions, comments, flames, etc all welcome.


    P.S. I may not check responses right away as I have a long drive ahead of me but I will check back soon. Well soon for me anyway.

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    Im am still using Deer Park 2, on my windows xp (32 bit)

    And it rocks, it works really well. There are things that do need working on really hard.

    Things like links that were clicked and then going back not getting marked as visited if you don't refresh. Or the options menu not showing if you do not use the default theme.

    As advertised it is a testing build but it is promising a lot, and i like those promises very well.
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    I'm now using Deerpark Alpha 2, and I'm quite impressed.

    Although I'd previously installed nightly builds of Firefox, this is the first one I've actually wanted to keep using.

    Notable points for me:

    - The "Web Developer" extension no longer disables the entire browser (which was annoying)
    - Some layout bugs seem fixed.

    I'm not totally convinced that its memory usage is good (i.e. may be higher than Firefox 1.0), but so far it hasn't crashed on me.


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    ok, to tell truth, i havent heard about it till i read it here( ignorance, a crime), but after reading about it here, i have downloaded and installed it.
    And now to tell the experience, it really is good piece of software, seems promising and (maybe i am wrong) it is fast.
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    I'm quite happy it's getting good reviews thus far! Honestly, Firefox is the first piece of computer software (games don't count) that I've ever really been excited about its upcoming release. It's weird.

    Will installing the Dark Peer Alpha 2 mess with my current Firefox installation?

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    It will replace your firefox installation. but you can uninstall deer park anytime and then install firfox and your bookmarks etc will be resumed to earlier situation, ( if you choose default settings)
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    It will replace your firefox installation
    I have both installed on XP, can use either one. And it does rock, the speed is amazing.

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