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Thread: Newbie Firewall FAQ

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    Newbie Firewall FAQ

    I dont think I've seen this posted here...it's a newbies introduction to firewalls...and I wasnt sure if I ought to post it in Newbies or here,so oh well...keep in mind,its for newbs..and it does give a few links:


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    indeed it is good for newbs, although some of it could be in more detail for example:

    But the firewall secures my computer from access to my Windows-shares!

    Why are you sharing your harddisk and printers to the entire internet? Why don't you just switch it off?
    of course they could have said open up the port, or password protect.... but then again that is still not secure and after all it is for newbs
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    Nice URL. I like this one from http://www.hn.edu.cn/book/NetWork/Ne...re/ch13_01.htm

    It goes into detail about the topic at hand. Computernerd22

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