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Thread: Specialized free live CD of linux

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    Specialized free live CD of linux

    July 23, 2005

    Ah... Sunday..... Time for a few gems from the database.....

    OVERCLOCKIX..........Specialized live CD of linux that can be booted and run on any machine, no matter what os is already installed. Features and included apps make it amenable for Distributed Computing and lots more. Also includes Advanced Tools for Rescue and Recovery. It has a Custom look - This is what sets Overclockix apart from many other custom Knoppix CD's. KDE, Gnome, Fluxbox, and IceWM desktops have all been customized for things like transperancy, png icons, and flashy background screens. Included are thousands of GNU applications, from webservers to office suites, to image manipulation software and ftp/p2p clients, to media players, web browsers and chat programs... More than 1000 executables in all.
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    I too used similar kind of live CD, last month, which was specialised for educational insitutions, it also had companion CD that to 'live' which was customised for distributed computing.

    I think this is a great concept as this way you can easliy demonstrate your target comsumers , what they are looking for in an OS. It is definitely better than installing a general OS and then getting specialised software and then customizing it for your needs.
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    I have used Knoppix and its working very well.

    Its very easy to use, and contains good features. And I would rate it as the best "live CD" linux distribution available, as Distrowatch did

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