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Thread: Windows server 2003

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    Question Windows server 2003


    I just got and installed windows server and added domain,wins and dns roles.

    But it takes long time to login, about 5 minutes or more.

    So my quiestion: Is it possible to make logon faster?
    If so, how to?

    ==My OS's==
    Windows server 2003 / Not updated yet/Not all drivers are installed yet but grafik and network is working
    AMD 1.75 Gz
    Windows XP professional / Updated
    AMD 1.75 Gz
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    update all the drivers, flash the bios, and run all windows updates. Then check what services are starting up. Turn off the ones you dont need. Check what programs are starting up. turn off the ones you dont want. Check for hardware conflicts. also, what type of hardware are you running on the server? do you have a RADI setup? are they SCSI drives? how much RAM? depending on the hardware it is trying to utilize, it may take longer. lol we have a server that takes 10 minutes to boot.
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    Are the home and profile dirs stored on the server? You might be copying your Internet cache/tempfiles to and from the server during logon/logoff..
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    Something is wrong with your DNS setup.

    Sounds like the client is going out to the internet for internal requests.

    Do you have 2 NICs in the machine??

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