I just picked up a new Netgear Router. I love them for their stability etc. I had an 802.11b wifi router previously...cant even remember the version. I just picked up a 802.11g (WRG614) today. It is flashed to the most current firmware. I ran a scan previously with the 11b router and on GRC.com, all ports showed up as stealthed. I ran the same scan from GRC and now port 0 (weird) shows as "closed" and port 443 (which is forwarded to a desktop machine on purpose) is "open". Neither ports were shown with the 11b router, they were both "stealthed". The only thing I can think of is GRC changed the way they scan machines, the new router sucks, or my ISP (which didn't change, just a new location) is screwy. Any thoughts? I know port 0 doesnt exist and is used for programmers etc....but still...I don't like it being shown. I cant forward it to a non existant address either (since NetGear wont allow port 0 to be routed). SPI and NAT are both on. XP machines (SP2 fw off)