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Thread: BBC audio interview : Garry McKinnon

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    BBC audio interview : Garry McKinnon

    This week 'The Interview' talks to the man described by US prosecutors as "the biggest military computer hack of all time". Briton Gary McKinnon stands accused of breaking and entering into US secret computer systems, causing hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage, and effectively immobilising the military district of Washington DC for three days in 2002.

    He faces charges in the US which could lead to up to 70 years in jail. Speaking in his first broadcast interview just days before his extradition hearing, McKinnon considers his own sense of na´ve wrong-doing, but also denies causing damage and says he was acting out of "humanitarian" motives.


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    OMFG LMAO....
    a few hundred machines wth blank administrator level passwords
    honestly they should be thanking him for not doing any damage.... 70 years that is madness

    Kill that interviewer, she is completely destroying him... that guy rocks
    I\'m Dying To Find Out The Hard Way

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    Yeah, total bitch -- "Do you have any friends left who will visit you in jail ?" . She treats him like he is a convicted pedophile.

    The crazy thing is that it was so easy. And if he hadn't given himself away by exposing his IP he could still have access. He was in there for over a year.

    What about these 'Extra Terrestial Officers' and transfers to non-existent ships? He doesn't sound like he is bullshitting, but who knows. Why didn't he download anything ? He says the maps were too big and that he got cut off when viewing the excel document, but surely he could have grabbed something good.

    He's rather naive, as he admits. He realized he had some basic skills and tried to accomplish something big, but he couldn't keep his head on straight long enough to make it worth going to jail for.

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    That guy is "the man" in my book. I feel real bad for the dude he shouldn't get 70 years in Jail thats plain out ridcious. Theirs people in Prison for murder who don't get that harrish of a punishment. Also, they are just making an example out of his ass and thats really ****ed up IMO.

    I wish their was some way we ALL can contribute money to this dude at least help him out some what ****... Computernerd22

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