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Thread: unable to boot in safe mode

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    unable to boot in safe mode

    hi there and thanyou for a quick and helpful respond
    can not boot into safe mode at all.
    pressing f8 get screen with all options selecting safe mode and then pc restarts normally.
    tried run>msconfig>boot.ini>tick safe mode and then struck disaster
    computer startted and then beause it couldnt boot in safe mode was constantly restarting.i couldnt go to last working configuration or anything so i had to reinstall the xp pro again
    (well i suppose that is "best:way to learn your pc)
    my xp pro is updated with service pack 2 and all patches from microsoft are up to date.
    i did sfc / scannow and all is ok there( dont know if that has anything to do with it)
    is it any service or something which is stoping thsi or what?any suggestion are welcome

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    Well, it's kind of late to figure out what was wrong, now that you've done the standard Windows troubleshooting (i.e. format and reinstall.)
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    Hi there unvi$ible I hope that you are well,

    Have you still got this problem, or did the re-installation work?

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    Try to boot from the Win XP CD and selcet Repair .... it might be redeemed ... it would be than formatting ...
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    hi all,
    nihil i did first try repair but that didnt work so i reinstalled and still no safe mode.
    hehe zencoder its not late because i cant still boot in safe mode.
    not that bothers me but wouldnt mind sometimes boot in safe mode and do scan of pc with antivirus and adaware and spybot:0

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    Try this :

    The other way to to go to Start, Run, type in msconfig, and click OK. When the System Configuration Utility window comes up, click the BOOT.INI tab, select SAFEBOOT, and then OK. You will get asked to reboot and when you do, it will come up in Safe Mode.

    If it works that way, I would check your F8 key . . .

    EDIT -- Read more closely, idiot. Sorry Un . (See next . . )

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    hi ty for you reply
    hesperus if you read my oroginal first post i did that and i stuck disaster as i couldnt do nothing after that pc was rebooting all the time i had to do reinstall of xp.
    now i am scared to go that path again
    hope you understand why

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