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Thread: file recovery software

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    file recovery software

    I'm looking for the god of gods when it comes file recovery software.

    basically I want to test out some software I found here(http://www.killdisk.com) when I run it on there highest highest(Gutman) of settings with 100% verification.

    I want to see what some of the softwares out there can do to recover it.

    Any Ideas?

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    I don't think that "software" in the ordinary sense of the word,
    can retrieve data that has been extensively overwritten like that,
    but hope springs eternal, especially if it were gov't wanting to
    retrieve the data.

    Theoretically, old overwritten data may leave the faintest of anomalies
    in the magnetic medium. Your recovery software would have to be able
    to ignore and filter out the stronger signal of the present data on the
    track to search for fairies and phantoms.

    Good luck finding anything. If the CIA had some special program that
    they were experimenting with for this kind of work, they wouldn't tell
    you about it.
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    File Scavenger


    Disk Investigator

    Those came up as 2 very good tools.
    Hope it helps.

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    well I used KillDisk to delete the data not recover it.

    I've read some posts on here about the Gutman approach as well as a paper on Gutman however I still want to test it and see if it will hold up against some of the recovery programs out there

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    I understand why you would devise such an experiment..... I'm no expert but I think that once its been rewritten so many times only an expert can look reverse that and its not a simple thing...... So I would think that any freeware your gonna run across is not gonna work... and anything that would work would cost you. I am curios to know the results of your experiment though. If you find something free that can do that.... let me know

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